Do we need machines to tell us the thruth?

December 6, 2016

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Talk has been replaced by Thomas and the Bots

Speaker: Shirtie

Talk Title: Do we need machines to tell us the thruth?

Talk Description: In the past year social media trolls and fake news have disrupted the democratic process in several ways.

People are so secluded in their biased bubbles that they can not verify and spot a lie or a subversion of the truth being used for political motives.

It is a great problem that a majority of the population are not critically analysing the facts given to them regardless of their political standpoint.

Has the time come where we need machines to tell the truths from the lies? I am afraid so!

We will take three examples

Russia’s annexation of Crimea. Brexit vote in the UK. Trump election in the US.

Is it possible to train machine learning algorithms to spot the difference between fake news and real news.

We will show a methodology of applying Convolutional Neural Networks to text analysis and adding a bayesian layer finding the probability of a given text on a trained subject being True and untrue.

If we have time we will also show that we can highlight which parts of a text if untrue…

Speakers Bio: Shirtie is a old time hacker that have once in the medieval ages won capture the flag in las vegas since then he has divided his life between, diving with all sort of sharks, and trying to apply machine learning to new fields such as Anti Malware and Cyber threat monitoring.

Talk has been replaced by Thomas and the Bots

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