Unfriend your Boss

December 6, 2016

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Speaker: Quentin Kaiser

Talk Title: Unfriend your Boss - Mapping Organizations Social Networks for Red Team Engagement

Talk Description: In this talk, we explore the security implications of employees publicly exposing their employer through social media. Using Facebook social network as a data source, we go through the steps of building a reliable scrapper to generate an organization social network. We then apply social network analysis algorithms to explore our dataset and identify high value targets, gate keepers, and communities to use that information against the targeted organization during red team engagements. Finally, we propose some recommendations to online social network designers, end users, and organizations.

Speakers Bio: Quentin Kaiser is currently working as a Security Engineer, dealing with various tasks such as web and mobile applications penetration testing, social engineering engagements, and audits of network infrastructures. His interests gravitates around social engineering, open source intelligence, and Android security.

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