Privilege Escalation Techniques on Linux Systems

December 6, 2016

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Speaker: Nikos Danopoulos

Talk Title: Privilege Escalation Techniques on Linux Systems

Talk Description: Privilege Escalation is one of the most important steps during a Penetration Test. In this talk, we are going to examine several privilege escalation techniques against Linux systems. We will see live examples of privilege escalation attacks executed on real systems and we will also examine several fallbacks that may be used when some of these techniques fail.

Speaker Bio: Nikos Danopoulos is a University Student at University of Piraeus. He is currently doing his Bachelor Degree on Digital Systems and he has worked as Junior IT Security Researcher at eLearnSecurity. Moreover he was contributed on several projects such as: HACKADEMIC - OWASP, and more. His main passions are Penetration Testing and Digital Privacy.

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