Opening Keynote

November 13, 2016

Marion Marschalek

The Mighty Super Powers of a well established “us”

We live in competitive times, work in competitive fields, have competitive friends and frequently forget what all that competition is for. Moreover, caught up in that race we tend to lose lots of smart folks on the way, cause they refuse or simply cannot keep up with the speed. Low level technology and information security are quite indiverse fields, not all that easy to enter and challenging by nature. What keeps many aspiring engineers from jumping at it though is not their inability, but their unwillingness to join a rather pointless survival of the fittest game.

I run a surprisingly successful workshop to help women enter the field of reverse engineering, and have heard more than once from my students how eagerly they want to go deeper into low level tech fields. Thats amazing, no? I will be talking about what are the reasons I see behind this, about related projects that empower diversity in infosec, the pros and cons of role models, what it helps if we help each other and measures that lead to the mighty super powers of a well established “us” in the work force.

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