HamburgSides - 28th December 2016

November 13, 2016

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What is HamburgSides and why aren’t you BSidesHamburg(HH)?

HamburgSides is a like Security-BSides event. In fact our first 2 conferences in Hamburg were Security-BSides event (2014, and 2015), but this year we thought we’d try something just a little different. We love the concept and the values that BSides events represent but as times change, so must we.

So we borrowed a little inspiration from our good friends at BerlinSides, who’ve been running a wonderful and truly epic conference for years and we decided that this year we would be come an independent *Sides event.

So what does this mean for attendees?

Doesn’t actually mean a whole lot if we’re honest, this change is purely from an organisational stand point. We as always, are committed to bringing a free and open conference for everyone to enjoy. We as always, will have a Call-for-Papers that everyone is entitled to submit to and as a team we will vote on. We will as always, ensure that sponsors are not given speaking slots just because they are sponsors, and if they submit, it’ll be reviewed just like any other submission. We as always, will not sell, or allow access to the conference attendee list to anyone other than the organisational team, and only for the purpose of organising the event.

So what does this mean for the sponsors?

Doesn’t mean a whole of differences for them either, its still the same people, doing pretty much the same thing, with the same goals. You know what else hasn’t changed? We need sponsors to help put on this event, like we have for the past two years. So if you can, or know anyone in a position, to help us deliver a

When is it?

Hamburg on the 28th December 2016. This year will mark our third year that we have organised this conference. CCC’s annual four-day congress event which brings thousands of hackers, activists, security professionals, programmers, software enthusiasts, tinkerers, and other like minded people to Hamburg is on around the same time. It seems a great opportunity to host a *Sides. HamburgSides2016 will start at 09:30 (opening ceremony) and should be finished by around 18:30(ish). Giving people the chance to grab the night-time talks at congress or of course, we also imagine some people will want to hang-out and grab after conference-drinks.

How to submit a talk

Our ‘Call for Papers’ is here. Now we’re not really looking for papers, we’re looking for talks. Talks that hackers, geeks, and nerds might find interesting. You’d be surprised how much we all love a talk that’s just a little bit different. So don’t be shy and submit your idea, if you’re unsure drop us an email or better yet grab @HamburgSides on twitter for a chat.

CFP came, and went. Thank you for all the wonderful submission. Talks will be announced soon. Talks Have Been Announced! Schedule OUT NOW SOON!

Opening and Closing Keynotes

Along with announcing our ‘Call for Papers’, we’d are also announcing our opening keynote talks for the event too. Marion Marschalek will start off our HamburgSides2016 event with her talk ‘The Mighty Super Powers of a well established “us”’.. This year’s Closing Keynote ‘Why I forked my own project and company to create a better internet.’is by Frank Karlitschek, founder of OwnCloud and it’s fork, NextCloud.

Getting in contact

You’ll find us on twitter mostly, but you could email is at event hamburgsides com.

What is a BSides event?

If you can’t make HamburgSides2016 but are interested in attending similar events, or want to know more about what a Security-BSides event is have a read below, and visit their informative wiki.

Taken from the Security-BSides’s community wiki;

“Each BSides is a community-driven framework for building events for and by information security community members. The goal is to expand the spectrum of conversation beyond the traditional confines of space and time. It creates opportunities for individuals to both present and participate in an intimate atmosphere that encourages collaboration. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from participants. It is where conversations for the next-big-thing are happening.”